On their level

This outing was all about getting down on the ground so i could shoot at the eye level of my pets!

In Motion

On a recent road trip I decided to start experimenting with using a slower shutter speed to pass the time as we drove. In the first picture i focused on an object going… Continue reading

Puppy Love.

Man I love Maggie, my friend’s new pup (an American Bulldog mix). She is just nonstop energy and a great way to tire out my dog Hannah! She also makes for a fun… Continue reading

The Sunny Garden

I checked out a local rose garden a couple days ago, it was a fun change of pace to explore with my camera beyond my backyard! Unfortunately it was a bit of a… Continue reading

So Lucky

I can’t believe I happened to¬† have my camera on me when this little hummingbird flew by and landed in this tree! The colors of his feathers: pink, purple, green, are just amazing!… Continue reading

Bouncing Bunnies

These little guys came wandering through the yard today while I was working from home out on my patio. Luckily Hannah dog didn’t see them and I was able to get her inside… Continue reading

Backyard Exploring

I need to get out more and venture beyond my backyard for some photoshoots, but there are just so many critters to shoot so close by, like this guy!  

All Smiles

Snapped a few pics while out with the dog after work today. Used my long zoom lens, 300mm, to get some closeups I otherwise couldn’t reach.

Tricky Kitty

Hmmm… I’ve been trying to get a good photo of my cat, Roscoe for awhile now. But he doesn’t follow commands quite as well as Hannah!

Beautiful Butteflys

Just a quick Sunday post… I was outside with my dog today and spotted a butterfly hanging out in our yard. Can’t believe I had time to run inside and get my camera!